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Chicken Fricassee

Chicken Fricassee is a classic French chicken stew. As with any stew, how you make it and what you put in it is entirely up to you. Some people add cream, some people add mushrooms and other veggies and in fact, you can even use veal or rabbit and make a slight name change. In […]

Tomato Chicken

Originally published on August 9, 2009 I came up with this recipe one day when I was looking for something different to do with my cans of stewed tomatoes. It’s so good that it’s now something I regularly make for my family. And whenever my mom comes to visit, it’s always what she wants me […]

Sweet N’ Sour Chicken

Originally published on October 11, 2009 I love pairing this recipe with chicken fried rice when I’m in the mood for some good Chinese food. And my kids love it too, which always make any recipe score big with me. And super easy to make! But,  you can make it even easier. My best friend makes this […]

Delicious Drumsticks

Originally published on August 7, 2011 Shake N’ Bake was always one of my favourite meals as a kid and this is a version that’s just like it, but tastes much better. When you make it yourself you don’t have to worry about the added sodium, additives, and preservatives, and it just tastes so much […]

Southern Fried Chicken with Cream Gravy

Originally published on November 23, 2011 I got this book from the “American Cooking” volume of the Time Life Classics series, a delicious encyclopedia resource covering cuisine from all different regions of the world – France, Germany, Italy, and yes, America. My mother-in-law gave me the books just a few weeks ago, and I’ve just been feeding […]

Chicken and Waffles

Originally published on January 12, 2014 Who ever first thought up Chicken and Waffles? I just heard of this food a few years ago and at first I have to admit, the thought of it didn’t do much for me. I mean really, chicken and waffles? But as I’ve watched more and more people make […]

Doritos Chicken Casserole

Originally published on January 15, 2014 This casserole was sent my way via my mom, who finds some pretty fantastic stuff from around the Web. When I made it, my kids were instantly in love and have asked for it repeatedly since. If you feel strongly about not using canned soups or mixes in your […]

Sweet and Spicy Chicken

Originally published on January 17, 2014 I had taken some chicken drumsticks out of the freezer one day, not knowing for most of the day what I had planned to do with them. I did a quick search when I just couldn’t go on being indecisive any longer, and had to get dinner onto the […]

Chicken Involtini

Originally published on March 4, 2014 This is another one of those recipes that I first saw on MasterChef (MasterChef Canada, to be exact) and knew that it was something I had to try. It sounded so interesting to me, and while I had stuffed chicken breast in this way before, I had no idea that it […]

Rachel’s Deviled Parmesan Chicken

Originally published on April 23, 2014 Over Easter weekend, I was at my sister-in-law’s, and my mother-in-law (and fellow foodie) told me about a delicious chicken dish she had made (and that I hope to be making soon,) in which she slathered Greek yogurt all over the bird before breading it and throwing it in […]