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Hi, and welcome to Kate’s Cuisine! I’m Kate and I have been cooking for nearly my entire life. I’ve had the blog since 2009, but it has undergone a ton of changes since that time. It started as a recipe review site, where I would find recipes on the Web, cook them exactly as stated, and review whether they were good or not. At that time, I also included the price of each ingredient and broke down how much an entire meal and individual servings were. In 2009, my two daughters were also both under the age of four. It seems like forever ago, but like yesterday, all at the same time.

Today, the blog has an entirely new look and the prices are also gone. If only things could be as affordable now as they were in 2009. I also don’t focus on reviews but instead, on researching food and creating my own recipes or relying on old family favorites. But one thing hasn’t changed.

No matter what I was doing with the blog over the past 15 years, I always did it for my girls. Madison still loves to gobble up her leafy greens, and Paige’s diet still consists largely of chicken fingers. Whether or not those things change, I still want to give them a place to go where they can literally get a taste of home, no matter where their journey takes them or where they are in the world. The blog is still, and will always be, my love letter to them.

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