Author: katescuisine

Classic Wedge Salad

I’m really not a huge fan of lettuce, but that’s just not true when it comes to the Classic Wedge Salad. This one is a classic for a reason. It’s tasty and with just a few ingredients that are easy to pull together, it’s also dead simple. And while steak houses will charge you a […]

Chicken Fricassee

Chicken Fricassee is a classic French chicken stew. As with any stew, how you make it and what you put in it is entirely up to you. Some people add cream, some people add mushrooms and other veggies and in fact, you can even use veal or rabbit and make a slight name change. In […]

Tomato Chicken

Originally published on August 9, 2009 I came up with this recipe one day when I was looking for something different to do with my cans of stewed tomatoes. It’s so good that it’s now something I regularly make for my family. And whenever my mom comes to visit, it’s always what she wants me […]

Martha’s Barbecue Sauce

Originally published on August 21, 2009 As the name suggests, this barbecue sauce recipe comes from Martha Stewart, off of her own website I found it one day when I really wanted to make ribs but went to the fridge and, to my dismay, discovered that I was all out of barbecue sauce! Quick and […]

Mom’s Chili

This is one of those meals that got me excited when I was young and noticed Mom cooking it. It’s hearty and it makes the house smell terrific. More importantly than anything, it’s delicious! Mom always told me that the secret to this chili is in the stewing beef and she might not be wrong. […]

Sweet N’ Sour Chicken

Originally published on October 11, 2009 I love pairing this recipe with chicken fried rice when I’m in the mood for some good Chinese food. And my kids love it too, which always make any recipe score big with me. And super easy to make! But,  you can make it even easier. My best friend makes this […]

Mom’s Lasagna

Originally published on October 25, 2009 This really was the first thing I ever learned to cook. I still remember watching my mom make it in one of the first kitchens I remember. And lasagna night always meant that supper was going to be good! When I became much older, I asked my mom to teach me […]

Pita Chips

Originally published on October 28, 2009 I made these for Maddie’s 2nd birthday party. Everyone loved them so much, I was afraid that I was going to run out – and I used almost 2 full packages of pitas! They are simply delish! You need to make sure though that when you’re cooking them, you […]

Parmesan-Crusted Asparagus

Originally published on October 30, 2009 I made these for Maddie’s second birthday party and honestly, I knew they would be good but I didn’t realize just how heavenly they would be! I hate it when ingredients get lost in a recipe but you can truly taste each and every thing that’s put into these […]

Simple Stuffing

Originally published on November 3, 2009 I had only made turkey stuffing once before making it this time for Thanksgiving. And that first time I made it, it was a total flop. Needless to say, I was holding my breath every step of the way with this one. But, when I pulled it out of […]